Behind the Scenes of Forever Boogies

Someone asked me recently: “Why focus on surfing, it seems so different from your previous work?”

Well, although surfing would seem like the opposite of environmental and human rights reporting, it really isn’t. It’s all connected in more than one way.

to put it simply: Human Rights require a healthy way of living, a healthy way of living require a healthy planet, to have a healthy planet we need to conserve the environment and who better to tell about such conservation than the men and women who are in the water all the time. As the pollution in the oceans increase, not only is marine life affected, but also those who surf. Skin infections, and diseases have riddled more than enough surfers, SUP’ers and other water sports enthusiasts because of the lack of care of the land. We need to remember that even if we’re think that contamination inland, say the rocky mountains or the alps – it eventually finds its way to the ocean. Why? because we are all connected, everything in this planet is connected. With that, I leave you with a gallery of photos from the making of Forever Boogies


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