The wait is almost over

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this month to arrive; now that it’s here…I can’t seem to sit still. March is the month I find out if Forever Boogies will be picked up by either (or both) the Rincón International Film Festival, or The People’s Film Festival, and since I’m not an incredibly patient person, this is just nerve wrecking.

While I’ve waited to hear from them, I was urged by one of the director/organizers of The Puerto Rico International Film Festival to submit my short. So I did, it’s exciting times. I’m not at a place where I only dreamt of being. It’s so surreal. When I began pursing my dreams of being a filmmaker I made myself a promise. A way to guarantee long lasting success from myself – that promise was “if this doesn’t work out within the first five films, you’re moving to Massachusetts and becoming a brewer of beer.” Then I saw a commercial for scotch and said to myself “if beer making doesn’t pan out, you’re gonna make scotch.”

There is nothing wrong with making beer or scotch, in fact these beverages are awesome, but it’s not what I want to do with my life. I just want to enjoy a beer or a scotch or both every now and then, not make them. So, that way I can keep myself in check as I work hard to promote my films, bring exposure to my work and continue to come up with ideas for funding, distributing, and pitching to potential donors about my projects.

As I wait to hear from the festivals, I’ve been sewing. Keeping busy with designing new t-shirts, (both original and using templates already provided by booster pages) for fundraising, I’ve explored a new aspect of creativity that I was dormant. As an extremely creative person, I’m sure many people can identify with the different outlets the world has to offer. From making every day items, to furniture design, to clothing lines, which is why many actors have clothing labels, perfumes, and so on.

my fashionista mommy during a visit to Puerto Rico in the 1970's
my fashionista mommy during a visit to Puerto Rico in the 1970’s

Since I was a child I loved how certain clothes looked. While my mother used to use tights and long shirts every day – since she was around 33 until she died (excusing this with ‘it’s too hot to wear anything else) she had an eye for fashion that transferred to me. On special occasions she’d wear the most fabulous dresses and when we lived in New York she never dressed the same. Always sporting the best jeans, boots, sweaters and summer dresses that were available at the time, she was fabulous and loved it. However, when back home in Puerto Rico, the high temperatures can be a deterrent for jean-wearing, my mother’s ailing health didn’t help much either. She just wanted to be comfortable, so tights and long shirts it was.

With her influence on both comfort and fashion, my mother influenced me to know, at just 14 years old, that I wanted to wear a Carolina Herrera gown when I walked down the red carpet at the Oscars after being nominated for best original screenplay, best director, and best film (ambitious I know, but it’ll happen-have to believe it to achieve it!). Although I don’t like to shop much, because I don’t like the crowds, and I don’t like wasting my time – and I think shopping does that, waste time like nothing else can. I do like looking good, therefore I’ve always been into fashion. My closest friends always seeking my advice on how to put an outfit together, especially if they’re on a budget – I strongly believe that you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to look presentable, nor does excessive amounts of cash need to be spent on items that can make you feel sexy.

After years of thrifting, washing delicates properly, sewing my own clothes has made me one hell of a fashionista that doesn’t follow the popular trends but plays off the personality of people and what can make that shine, because personality is way more important than painful fashion – well, in my book anyway. And because Capri’s aren’t for everyone, neither are maxi-dresses, we need to make the perfect match for our daily lifestyles and not always follow what’s “hot” or “in”.

One thing I used to do when I was younger and was afraid to pursue a career in writing/directing/film production, I’d buy gossip magazines, not for the gossip, but for the fashion. I’d look at the photos of what the ladies were wearing in their everyday life and I’d combine the most affordable items and make them my own.

original design reusable shopping bag with storage pouch for easy storage
original design reusable shopping bag with storage pouch for easy storage

With my history in wanting to look great, and being comfortable as well as inspired on where I live and wanting to promote environmental conservation I’ve come up with a line of beach/yoga, Pilates blouses and reusable tote and shopping bags – what am I going to call it? I’m going to name it after my mother, who loved fashion and introduced me to my first sewing machine, beautiful fabric and how wonderful dresses can be. Although, I haven’t worn many dresses since I’ve been here, that shouldn’t suggest I don’t have them (I love dresses).

While I wait to hear from the film festivals, and continue to plan my next filming project I sew. I’ve also launched two booster pages with t-shirt designs for men (link) and women (link) to help fund my next project, because self-funding is hard and we all have to get somewhere. So take a look at the booster pages, get your t-shirt and follow or like my director Facebook page to stay up to date on my film adventures and get details on how you can purchase the reusable bags and other non-booster blouses.

I’ll post again really soon on the response from the film festivals, and with schedules for each if I am accepted to be screened – so you guys can stream it, or physically (if you can) go see the amazing collections of films screened at each festival 🙂


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