4 Miles

It takes a lot of energy to want to walk four miles every day to run your errands.

Since I don’t have my car yet (although the mechanic has promised me for the past three weeks that I’d be getting it..each Friday of those weeks) I have to walk pretty much everywhere. The nearest shopping center is two miles away from my house. And I consider myself lucky. I can go ahead put my cotton shopping bags in my New York Style shopping cart and walk while jammin’ to Lady Gaga and Florence and the Machine all the way down to the center.

Today, in a rare event during this long drought it began to rain, and I along with my cart and Renoir umbrella kept walking merrily towards my destination. While efficiently sheltering myself and my portable electronics (i.e. cellphone, mp3

pretty cows listen to my rendition of Calvin Harriss' "Blame it on the Night"
pretty cows listen to my rendition of Calvin Harriss’ “Blame it on the Night”

player – that’s right I still use one) and my notebook/wallet , I serenaded the beautiful cows of the nearby farm. I’ve been down that road so often that the cows already know me, sometimes they follow me all the way around until I reach the entrance of the shopping center and patiently wait until I make it back.

While walking I thought about how dangerous it is to actually walk down the highway and thought maybe I should look for a way that I can propose to the mayor of my town to make a walking path with protective concrete posts for pedestrians. Probably even a shuttle bus from that center to the next for those like me who don’t have a car and/or a ride to be able to go there. I think it would be a fabulous and sustainable idea. I’d also like to have an affordable grocery store at the center, I mean Walgreens is great, but you know, their food selection is quite limited.

Four miles….four miles several times every other week, for the past three months – that’s the distance I go, singing, wishing for a bike or the return of my car, still I enjoy the cows as they follow me during Budapest. Four miles…to buy soy milk for me, chicken noodle soup for my sick Dad and other minute things I need for the house – like sponges. Four miles, two coming, two going – they take me to a life of surviving, not thriving. However, this hurdle will be crossed, it will be jumped with soaring action.

Four miles…to sustainability, to my dreams, to the drugstore and the discount store for perfume-y smelling floor cleaner and bleach. Four miles that brings me a little bit of hope ,and helps me slim down my waist line when I decide to not do Pliates for the day. Four miles under the sun, the rain, hugged by the scent of sea breeze of this coastal town, four miles hearing the sway of trees as their branches creak in the wind. Four miles that swell my tired feet, but I keep moving forward. Four miles away from lethargy, from doom…four miles that keep me sane.

I like walking those four miles. Sometimes. Most times. Other times I struggle to deal with the incompetence of mechanics who delay fixing my car, delay production process of my films because of my lack of car. Still, now that one of my friends has her car back, we’re going to the beach, and I’ll be snorkeling, and filming, and I’ll be renewed for another four miles. And hopefully my will be returned to me this month.


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