Rewarded Independence

I have to say that after four months of not having a vehicle and relying on others to help me run some of my errands, and walking long distances to do the rest, having my car back is like having my independence awarded back to me.

where we going?

Today was my first day behind the wheel of my beloved GMC Astro Van. She still has a few kinks that need repairing, but she’s purring like a kitten for the most part. I went to the store and while I was driving I couldn’t get over the fact that I was incredibly comfortable, and happy I was able to drive again. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but the ability and capability to drive is very important to me. To be able to get in my car and end up wherever is the most freeing feeling. I thoroughly enjoy being able to do that, and when I can’t, I get extremely frustrated – as if I am in a prison. Being limited in the ways I travel is one of the worse forms of torture a free spirit like me can ever endure. I need to be able to get up and leave whenever I want, to wherever I want.

Still, without the serious limitations of travel that was not having a car (in a place where cars are completely necessary) I have to make sure that I don’t run her for too long too soon. After all the kinks are fully repaired and I don’t have to worry about nuts and bolts dropping out of any part of my car.

For now, I will resume my filmmaking efforts. While I continue fixing my car, I’ll be making phone calls, keep on researching and plan out visits several local beaches for snorkeling (and recording) sessions. Things will start to progress – I’ll make sure of it.


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