Forced into Silence the documentary



Voted by the audience for Best Documentary and selected Finalist at the 2016 IndieBOOST campaign online film festival as well as part of the 2016 Official Selection of the IndieWise Virtual Film Festival, Forced into Silence explores what it means to be a man who has been abused by a partner and/or spouse, sexually assaulted, raped as well as the challenges faced by adult men who have been sexually abused as children – Forced into Silence challenges what it means to be a survivor.

Featuring interviews with best-selling author, therapist and expert on boys, men and masculinity Andrew Smiler, Ph.D., speaker and CEO of Male Survivor Christopher Anderson, relationship coach, writer, and speaker Jasmin Newman, as well as featuring interviews with two former victims of domestic violence Forced into Silence reveals the unique challenges of men who have been victimized while presenting possible solutions to their ongoing plight.


Without any outside funding, director La Shawn Pagán filmed Forced into Silence on location in New York City and using Google Hangouts to complete the final interviews for the film. Having spent 5 years in the production of the film (research, planning, marketing, and unsuccessfully trying to find financing for her film) she went on to complete the documentary the best way she could in order to tell the stories of the men (and women) who dared to challenge the narrative of the vulnerability of men.

The film can be considered narrative/experimental with a focus on sexual and mental health – the final cost being less than $1,000.00 to complete.

Film Info:

Title: Forced into Silence
Genre: documentary
Run time: 72 minutes
Format: 720×1280 (29fps) digital
Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: La Shawn Pagán
Executive Producers: Héctor J. Pagán Maysonet, Rotha Colón
Cast: Levi Louis, Bryant Mancebo, Andrew I. Smiler, Ph.D., Christopher Anderson, Jasmin Newman
Crew: La Shawn Pagán(camera), Chris Mendez (associate producer/camera), Lissette Ramos (camera)
Location: Puerto Rico(interiors), New York(interior/exterior/street scenes), Australia (interiors)

Official Director’s Statement:

Forced into Silence explores what it means to be a male who has been abused by a partner/spouse, sexually assaulted or raped and an adult man who was sexually abused as a child. By featuring interviews with author, therapist and expert on boys, men and masculinity Andrew Smiler, Ph.D., speaker and CEO of Male Survivor Christopher Anderson, relationship coach, writer, speaker and presenter Jasmin Newman, as well as two former victims of domestic violence my hope is that those who have experienced, or are still experiencing these things see this film and know they are not alone in their plight.

By focusing on the male victimization of abuse, I intend to reveal the unique challenges of men who have been victimized, the way men process such experiences and how we as a society, can help them overcome the trauma – much like what we already do for women who have been victimized. The importance of the film is to change the narrative and views of victimization and create a gender neutral dialogue that will bring about laws that will subsequently eradicate these crimes once and for all.

In the media:

Screenshot_20160804-202934La Shawn Pagán has appeared on The Dr. Vibe Show talking about this film in two occasions; first when she was starting production and the second time was after completion of the film. The second time on the show she was surprised to see how many people were interested in the film since it was so hard for her to get people to be involved in the project.The film has also been supported by The Good Men Project.   

Watch and Share on YouTube:

Forced into Silence Full Length Documentary (Official)

Forced into Silence (sneak peek):
Forced into Silence (Official Preview):
Opening the door on abuse of men
Forced into Silence in New York City




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