Forever Boogies



Forever Boogies is a short documentary written, directed and produced by
La Shawn Pagán. It takes a close look at how an eclectic group of surfers, body boarders, and drop knee riders spread the word about the sport and conservation in Puerto Rico.

Director’s Official Statement: 

Forever Boogies is a short film inspired by the body boarding culture of Puerto Rico and their efforts to help protect and conserve the environment and the children in our Island.

I was inspired to make this film when I saw the work that Octavio “Tavo” Gomez Cacho was making in the community and with children. The way he enthusiastically and genuinely helped others learn about the sport and about the natural resources was breathtaking. I reached out to him to see if he wanted to be a part of the film and he agreed to without hesitation. We scheduled an interview and while I was waiting for him at the agreed location, Tavo was in the hospital after suffering a massive stroke. Three days later he passed away without being able to be featured in the film. Heartbroken, I took a few days to think about what I was going to do and should I go on with the film – and I did. In his honor I completed this special short documentary and dedicated it to him and his life’s work.

Film Info:

Title: Forever Boogies
Genre: Documentary (short)
Run Time: 34minutes 46seconds
Format: 720×1280(29fps)
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico
Language: Spanish (w/English sub)
Cast: Edgard “Galdo DK” Gomez Cacho, William Reyes, Abdiel “Macaco” Reyes , Eliezer Bruno Luareano, Ricardo Laureano, Christian “Inka” García, Eddie Caldero, José “Guillermín” Martinez & Alejandro “Alex” Melendez.
Writer/Director/Producer: La Shawn Pagán
Executive Producer: Héctor J. Pagán Maysonet
Screened: 2015 Official Selection Rincón International Film Festival
Release: Internet – worldwide

To watch it on YouTube:




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