Silent no More (docuseries)

Forced into Silence is the precursor to Silent no More the docuseries that will further explore the issues presented in the film.

Each episode will have it’s own focus and will challenge the antiquated narrative of victimization, survival, and who are perpetrators of abuses, assaults. It is meant to bring forth and continue the conversation that men can and are victimized in the same ways women are, and as such, deserve the same amount of emotional, mental and medical assistance women do.

Silent no More: addressing the “R” word (pilot episode)

The first episode features interviews with writer, activist and rape survivor James A. Landrith Jr. and theology student William Murray. It covers an array of issues pertaining the recognition of the rape of men and how social, medical and religious entities deal with cases of male rape – especially those who have been sexually assaulted by women.

Here are a few interesting quotes from both interviews:

James A. Landrith Jr. via Google+ Hangouts

“Right now the battle is within sexual assault advocacy fields, getting people to finally acknowledge that we (men) have a right to be heard” James A. Landrith Jr.

William W. Murray discusses his take on violence used as a method of control of others (via Google+ Hangouts)

about how violence is commonly understood to be a form of control over victims and/or situations: “I’m trying to understand how violence is a catalyst for action and for bringing people together or separating people or how effective really, is violence in the long term” William Murray.

The episode also features pieces of a podcast appearance on The Dr. Vibe Show™ – that helps me introduce myself and explain a little of why I’m so passionate about this issue.

Release date: fall/winter 2017